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Posted By: Phot
19-Dec-06 - 11:26 AM
Thread Name: BS: speed restrictions in cars
Subject: RE: BS: speed restrictions in cars
I have two vehicles, one is a 17 year old Landrover Discovery 3.5 V8, the other is a Triumph Daytona T595, the top speed of the Disco is around 105, and 0-60 takes around 12 seconds, the top speed of the Triumph is around 180, 0-60 is 2.4 seconds, just because they can reach these speeds, it dosn't mean to say I have the right to drive them at speed on the public highway. Thanks to the freedom of choice that I have at the moment I can enjoy these vehicles. Why do so many people see somthing that they don't like and then want the goverment to legislate against it? What is needed is education, not legislation, I have a lot of experience driving restricted vehicles as I hold a Class1 PSV licence (Coaches and Buses)Which is probably the hardest driving test to pass in the UK.

I was overtaking another coach on a dual carrageway, when my coach hit the limiter, which was probably 1-2 mph higher than his, so the distance to overtake was probably around half a mile, as I was about two thirds past his coach, a police car came up behind me at over 100mph, I couldn't go any faster so I was in the dillema, of carry on trying to overtake, which would hold him up, or ease off, hit the brakes and pull in behind the vehicle I was trying to overtake, casuing him to brake, and possibly hold him up even more. Modern coaches if unrestricted can hit around 90, and more importantly have the suspention and brakes to cope with the power and speed that they could achieve. I'm not advocating that all coaches and buses drive at 90mph, but if the one I had been driving had not been restricted I would have been past the one I was overtaking, before the police car had been in my mirrors.

If we were to legislate against everything in this world that held a risk of any sort, we would never even risk getting out of bed! Drivers need to be better educated, bad drivers are the risk to society, not the inanimate objects they drive. Though by the comment of, "CAR MANUFACTURERS HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY TO SOCIETY" surely the Royal Navy has a responsility to me to stop sending me places where I keep getting shot at, rocketed, mortered.............?! Ah, but you volnteered, you may say. Did the car manufacturer make you buy a car.......................?!

Wassail!! Chris.