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Posted By: Grab
19-Dec-06 - 11:46 AM
Thread Name: BS: speed restrictions in cars
Subject: RE: BS: speed restrictions in cars
How many more people have been killed by excess speed,than by not being able to accelerate out of a situation, please get things in perspective.

We don't have figures for the second one, so you can't get a perspective either way. And I repeat, the problem is excess speed *for the situation*. Excess speed over 60mph or whatever arbitrary number has been chosen is *NEVER* the problem. Have you seen corners in Ireland where 20mph would be dangerous? Of course you have - you have country roads over there, the same as we do in Britain. But I repeat, limiting the whole road to 20mph is not an acceptable solution.

the faster you go themore braking distance is required

This is true.

the faster you go the more likelihood of death and serious injury.

This is false. You could make it true by saying "the more likelihood ... *if* you happen to crash", although this wouldn't support your argument. Speed and crashing are independent, and are only linked by the current driving conditions (dry/wet roads, bends, visibility, other traffic, etc).

the most effective way to do this in my opinion

This is your opinion. The opinions of people who drive long distances regularly are opposed to yours. The opinions of people who know how well the arbitrary speed limit reflects safety of driving conditions are opposed to yours. The opinions of people who've worked in the automotive industry and know the legal problems involved with arbitrarily limiting speed are opposed to yours. The opinions of people who have some idea of the technical difficulty to implement a limiter which can calculate the "safe" speed for every corner are opposed to yours.

Short answer: You may have this opinion, but as a minority in a democratic society, you're SOL mate.