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Posted By: Geoff the Duck
20-Dec-06 - 04:45 AM
Thread Name: UK Old Time music festival, February '07
Subject: RE: UK Old Time music festival, February '07
GUEST,Pete Peterson - Thanks for the comments.
I came into old-Time stuff as somebody who sings and plays. I learnt my basics from listening to LPs of Uncle Dave Macon, Art Rosenbaum, Grandpa Jones, Sally Rogers plus the Rounder 5-String Banjo recordings from Galax County.
Most of what I heard was songs accompanied and that is what brought me into the style of music. I definitely regard what happened in America to be a tradition of singing plus music.
This whole FOATMAD scene crept up behind me while I wasn't looking and it was well underway by the time I chanced upon it.
Most of the people who go along to stuff seem to be into wall-to-wall tunes without a break. I prefer to mix my tunes with songs, playing along or listening depending on what is appropriate to the moment. I am sure that Mrs Duck and myself are not the only people who would appreciate the chance to sing and join in with other old-time singers, so I appreciate that Nick is making some provision.