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Posted By: Azizi
25-Dec-06 - 10:53 AM
Thread Name: Obit: James Brown December 25, 2006 R.I.P.
Subject: RE: Obit: James Brown December 25, 2006 R.I.P.
A lot of times other folk's words say what you wanna say better than you can.

See this comment from Breaking: James Brown Dies at 73"; by glazeone; Mon Dec 25, 2006

"Say It LOUD
I'm Black and I'm Proud!

That was our unofficial anthem in the 1970s. James Brown made us proud to be black and wear afros and daishikis during a time of racial violence around the country.

Sometimes lyrics on other songs didn't make a lick of sense, but you loved the beat. Say It Loud was a powerful statement that made perfect sense then and now.

Oh my God. Through all of his tangles with drugs and women and police, I thought he would live forever. His lyrics will, though.

God bless you, Godfather of Soul. God bless you."
by CocoaLove on Mon Dec 25, 2006


Also, this comment from the same diary made me smile through my sadness at this news:

"What he died of!? What he died of?!
Get someone down there to check the ward.

Guarin'-ball-bearin' cher --James was laying there all weak and worn out, an' they kept playing that godforsaken Muzak in every room on the ward . . . Muzak . . . endlessly . . . eternally . . .

James just hadda step on outta there.

maybe it was "I Write The Songs" that clinched it,

maybe it was "Piano Man" or "Little St. Nick" or even a syrupy , syncopated version of his own "Cold Sweat" that convinced James to pack it in, and let loose of the mortal coil.

The steam drill got John Henry in the end. Muzak probably got the Godfather of Soul, I betcha.

Now Papa really does have a brand new bag. I know it's rockin' wherever he is this Christmas Day.

We'lll miss you, brother..."
by antifa on Mon Dec 25, 2006


God bless you, James Brown.