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Posted By: raredance
08-Mar-00 - 09:45 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Alternate Red River Valley
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Alternate Red River Valley
I have to take issue with RW. The "better" description of the Red River is that it runs north from North Dakota to Winnipeg (Manitoba)and eventually into Lake Winnipeg. The water leaves the north end of Lake Winnipeg via the Nelson River that flows into Hudson Bay. While on the RRV subject searching the DT for the tune "redrival" comes up with half a dozen sets of lyrics that use the tune. There is a Vietnam era Air Force song about flying over the Red River Valley in North Vietnam. There are two more or less duplicate versions of a song from the Spanish Civil War called "Jarama" &"Jarama Valley" (note to DT editors). One has 5 stanzas, the other has those 5 plus 2 more.

Also of interest is the text in the DT called "forty below". The DT lists it by Chris Dafoe sometime in the 1950's. The same lyrics can be found in "Singing Our History, Canada's Story in Song" by Edith Fowke and Alan Mills (1984). Fowke and Mills say they have no definite information about the lyric's origin, but add that Canada established a Wheat Board in 1919 that lasted a year and set up another one in 1935. I included this version on a homemade cassette "The Fargo Winter Tape" about 13 years ago. The question I have is does Chris Dafoe deserve legitimate credit and Fowke missed it, or is the Chris Dafoe credit erroneous?

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