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Posted By: Ruth Archer
02-Jan-07 - 10:31 AM
Thread Name: Who is/ are the EFDSS?
Subject: RE: efdss,what does it mean
So if there's money available, EFDSS should chase it? Regardless of whether the money helps the society to achieve its core aims? Dick, that's nonsense. One of the first things we used to teach in Introduction to Fundraising (when I taught such things) was not to let the funding lead your work. Know what your objectives are. Know what you want the funding to help you achive. Even know which areas might be open to compromise. But NEVER change your core objectives to fit the funder's criteria. That's the cart leading the horse. It's reactive, non-strategic, and ultimately leads to an organisation with no clear aims or focus.

I understand that the "international" dimension of the Folk Song Society was chiefly to do with the other bits of Britain, BTW, rather than being a truly international remit. The recently-published annual Folk Music Journal demonstrates that this commitment is still upheld, as there are a couple of very interesting articles on Scottish music.

Change their name? They are the English Folk Dance and Song Society. Their cheif remit is about the preservation and proliferation of English folk music and dance. What's to understand?

You have a serious fly in your ear about EFDSS, Dick. I'd reiterate the suggestion that you join and help to change things. Or better still, try getting Comhaltas to open its arms to all those lovely new emigrants to Eire, with all their diverse folk musics. Surely they have ever such a lot to contribute to the new, diverse Irish culture. I'd hate to think that Ireland would perpetuate its cultural insularity now that it is such a strong socio-economic position. Surely the preservation od a mono-culture is no longewr defensible in the face of all the EU funding that has propped up the Irish economy...