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Posted By: The Sandman
02-Jan-07 - 03:22 PM
Thread Name: Who is/ are the EFDSS?
Subject: RE: efdss,what does it mean
the thread is, efdss what does it mean.
If comhaltas is to be discussed,The correct thing is to start adiffernt thread.comhaltas are a red herring.
[there seems to be some confusion over the exact boundaries of the folk song side of the society],if it doesnt state anywhere in its statutes, that its aims are exclusively english,then its aims are the promotion of all folk song wherever it comes from.
the reason for this thread is for some clarification,folkie dave and derewk schofield say one thing,johnadams mentioned england, scotland, and was it the caribbean,in the efdss dances at the house thread,.
Ruth Archer assumes its other bits of Britain,[ Does that include the falklands, st helena ,etc].,its all rather unclear,if it does include wales and scotland[it seems like they have been forgotten about]