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Posted By: GUEST,Derek Schofield
03-Jan-07 - 04:36 PM
Thread Name: Who is/ are the EFDSS?
Subject: RE: efdss,what does it mean
Ruth wrote:
*I assume from your inclusion of the sentence from the EDS style sheet, Derek, that what you are implying is that indigenous English work still receives priority.*

yes - but don't ask me to say which bits are indigenous and which bits not ... the polka? French-Canadian tunes? Harry Cox songs like Black Velvet Band? Contra?

and then she wrote:
*but that the folk arts of other cultures are incorporated where possible*

yes ... see article about Scottish travellers in current issue.

and then she asked:
*And is this the implication for EFDSS as well?*

I can't speak for EFDSS as a whole.....

and more ... she said ....
*I'm not even a little bit English. I'm an immigrant, too*

come come, just because you were born in Northumberland, that still makes you English and David and the rest of the Archers have made you very welcome in Borsetshire, until your nasty experience with a rude cowman ...