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Posted By: Ruth Archer
03-Jan-07 - 04:49 PM
Thread Name: Who is/ are the EFDSS?
Subject: RE: efdss,what does it mean
"yes - but don't ask me to say which bits are indigenous and which bits not ... the polka? French-Canadian tunes? Harry Cox songs like Black Velvet Band? Contra?"

Hmmm, I should have known better than to expect a straightforward answer. It's not quite so clear-cut, is it?

"I can't speak for EFDSS as a whole....."

no - but i'm hoping John might shed some light...

"come come, just because you were born in Northumberland, that still makes you English and David and the rest of the Archers have made you very welcome in Borsetshire, until your nasty experience with a rude cowman ..."

*rolls eyes* What was I saying earlier about having respect for you, Mr Schofield...?