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Posted By: johnadams
03-Jan-07 - 11:59 PM
Thread Name: Who is/ are the EFDSS?
Subject: RE: efdss,what does it mean
My take? I personally interpret the interest area of the Society thus....

Considering English folk culture
Where it came from
Who it is shared with
How it is celebrated now
Where it spread to and what they're doing with it
Where it is going in the future
What's enriching it locally
What the commonality is with those around us.

With regard to publication priorities, as a member, I wouldn't expect to see journal or magazine articles about Peruvian flute music because it doesn't immediately seem to connect with English folk culture. Also it's well covered in other journals and mags and I think we should cover areas that are not dealt with elsewhere.

I would not be at all surprised or upset to see an article about the street drama or the Goombay(?) dancers of the Caribbean because it is so obviously similar to our mummers plays and ritual dance.

I wouldn't expect to see translations of Mongolian folk songs in our publications even if their narrative themes were congruent with English songs unless there was some particular link being explored.

I wouldn't be surprised to see translations of Irish Gaelic songs because the geographical and historical proximity of the two cultures makes it relevant to comparison.

And so on.

Others may have a different way of looking at this.

I think I can speak for the organisation when I say that there is trust placed in both our editors that they will reflect the aims and objectives of the society as they interpret them during the time they are doing the job. In a fast moving world the Society's aims and objectives will have to be constantly monitored for their relevance and the publications will reflect current thinking.

Is that what you meant?