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06-Jan-07 - 10:02 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Speaking of skirmishing, the Legion had a bit of a set-to with one of the cops this evening. Young rookie cop, he was. Seemed like he didn't care for Morris' riding goat, Li'l Trigger, being tied to the usual lamppost outside the Hovel. His Sergeant, Eileen O'Ruin (her real name), told him not to mess with it, but Rookie Boy said that tying a goat to a city lamppost was in violation of Ordinance 34-782(a)1, which reads, "Except in case of riot, rebellion, or insurrection, thou shalt not tie thy goat to a city-owned lamppost."

Rookie Boy charged into the Hovel demanding to know who owned the goat with the saddle that was tied to a city-owned lamppost outside. Everybody looked at Morris, of course, and Morris owned up that it was his goat.

Then he stood up. All six feet, eight and one-sixteenth inches of him. And because NOBODY says bad things about Li'l Trigger, Morris was upset. You could tell by the way he ate his (full) beer mug, burped, and broke the logging chain he uses for a belt.

Rookie Boy demonstrated how quick thinking he was. He said, "Well, that's just one FINE lookin' goat, that's all I have to say!" and left so fast that his shadow took ten minutes to catch up with him.

In the doorway stood Sergeant O'Ruin, laughing fit to die. She walked over, patted her husband on the butt, and said, "Morris, you take Li'l Trigger home -- let him ride, ya hear, 'cause he IS a riding goat. We'll get this rookie shaped up yet. If we ever find him, that is. And dear -- pull your pants up!"