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Posted By: Richie
07-Jan-07 - 11:35 AM
Thread Name: Origin: Alabama Bound & Don't You Leave Me Here
Subject: RE: origin and lyr: Alabama Bound
Apparently the forst copyright on Alabama Bound was in 1909 by New Orleans comper Robert Hoffman. Anyone find the lyrics?

Here's a version of Elder Green's in Town from Lomax's 1939 Southern Recording Trip Fieldnotes; Section 15: State Farm, Camp #9, near Arkansas City, Arkansas; May 22

Ella Green- sung by Alf "Dad" Valentine

   Ella Green's in town
   My sister and them caught her singin'
   Alabama Bound

   Don't you leave her here, don't you leave her here
   If you miss de train an' de steamboat
   She's got a mule to ride, she's got a mule to ride
   If she miss de train she got a mule to ride
   Ella Green's in town, turnin' round an' round.

You can listen here:,gottscho,detr,nfor,wpa,aap,cwar,bbpix,cowellbib,