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Posted By: GUEST,Bob Coltman
08-Jan-07 - 06:07 PM
Thread Name: Origin: This Morn, This Eve, Right Now
Subject: RE: Origin: This Morn, This Eve, Right Now
- - - HELP PLEASE? - - -

There's a phrase in this version of "This Mornin' This Evenin' that I can't get. Can anyone????

The blues songster Julius Daniels recorded the following song in Atlanta, October 24, 1927, issued on Victor 21359.

He plays it in a very "white" style unlike his usual way of singing (he's an African-American bluesman who sometimes sings gospel, ordinarily in a heartfelt manner. On this cut he is flat-toned, brisk, offhand. Could he have learned it from whites and copied their style in just this song?

The tune is quite different from standard, too.

Tempting to think of this song frame as originating in a work song -- either teamster, or riverboat roustabout?

If you have access to the Daniels track, help me out on that chorus phrase if you can.


as sung by Julius Daniels

Aw, this ol' mule keep a-cuttin' the fool, this mornin',
This ol' mule keep a-cuttin' the fool this mornin',
This old mule keep a-cuttin' the fool,
I can't put a bridle on this ol' mule,

Cho: This mornin', got    [ -- ? -- ? (2 syllables not understood) ]    for me.

and to the same framework:

I told that mule, mule wouldn't gee ...
I hit him in the head with a singletree...

I got on the mule, mule wouldn't ride
I hit him in the head with a single try.

(repeat verse 1)

I told that nigger with the black hat on
I'm gonna hit him in the head just as sure as you're born

Nigger and the white man playin' seven-up
Nigger won the money but 's scared to pick it up