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Thread Name: Origin: Alabama Bound & Don't You Leave Me Here
Subject: Lyr Add: DON'T YOU LEAVE ME HERE (Laura Smith)
Dont You Leave Me Here- Laura Smith

Little is known about the life of Blues singer Laura Smith. She is thought to have come from Indianapolis, Indiana and is known to have toured the TOBA vaudeville circuit in the early 1920s. Her recording career began in 1924 on the Okeh label and ended in 1927 on Victor. Smith's 1927 version of Jelly Roll Morton's "Don't You Leave Me Here" is quite good and features lyrics that differ from Morton's classic 1939 solo version of the song.

The first lyric section is more of an intro, it has a different melody and rhythm from Morton's version. The next five verses are the simialr to the standard blues/jazz versions. The third line of each verse has some unusual vocal phrasing.


[Horns w/ piano]

Longshoreman Johnny and his lady friend had an argument,
He told her he, was leaving town today.
She got real sad and Johnny he got real mad,
And he packed his grip
She said if you must go,
To take his little tip:

Don't you leave me here,
(For) a good gal out there
If you ain't comin' back sweetheart,
Leave a dime for beer.

You can dog me 'round,
Beat me I don't care.
But here's a thing I've got to say,
"Just quit me if you dare."

The boat's up the river,
And it ain't comin' down.
But I believe to my soul my man,
Is Alabama bound.

[horn solo]

When you buy your ticket,
Papa you'd better buy two
Cause if you try to leave me here
The grave will sure get you.

So if you got a bad man,
And he wants to fight.
Take a chance and break it over his doggone head,
And walk the streets all night.