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Posted By: Richard Bridge
09-Jan-07 - 10:52 AM
Thread Name: BS: Vacuum Cleaner Recommendations???...
Subject: RE: BS: Vacuum Cleaner Recommendations???...
A Kirby is almost bulletproof, and bolts together so almost everything is repairable. But it is huge, enormously heavy, very hard work (apart from the ones with the servomotors to push tham along but they are even dearer and more likely to go wrong) cumbersome, and very expensive to buy (and service) unless you get lucky with a second-hand one. Think sort of the Harley Davidson or Honda Gull-Wing of upright vacum cleaners.

Most of the tools are pretty good but a single doghair in the wrong place can bugger up the carpet sudser - and it's an inside elbow where the hair lodges that is truly impossible to get at.

The next best are the 40 or 50 year old Hoover Senior that use the round belt - again simple and bulletproof. If you want a dry canister the long defunct Hoover Constellation (hovered on an air cushion like a hovercraft) were nearly unbeatable. Henry and George (UK) good 'cos SIMPLE. Vax OK (wet and dry) but the turboheads are a total waste of space.

Electrolux absolute shit that just breaks and breaks, Oreck very unreliable too.

Vorwerx very clever but plastic and I bet they break.