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Posted By: JohnInKansas
09-Jan-07 - 08:29 PM
Thread Name: BS: Vacuum Cleaner Recommendations???...
Subject: RE: BS: Vacuum Cleaner Recommendations???...
We have determined that when the furballs from the four cats lie around long enough they absorb HUGE quantities of dust, probably in amounts adequate for general dust removal if one has an appropriate small shovel to pick up the balls and deposit them in a suitable container without shaking the dust out.

When a furball reaches a sufficient state of development to actually growl when approached, it should be flattened with the shovel (which of course does spread a bit of dust) but should be left in place until sufficient time has passed to be assured that it will not spring to life with evil and vicious intent when touched, and also to allow it to readsorb sufficient dust to make it worthwhile attending to its disposal.

No vacuum cleaner of any kind is required to implement this method of maintaining the attendant level of sanitation in the home environment.

In the rare instances where an unusual obstruction actually requires vacuum cleaning, a Shop vac is the appropriate tool. Wimpy little "house" vacuums require far too much attention to emptying and cleaning, whereas with the Shop vac "if you can lift it, it ain't full." That's why they put wheels on 'em.