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Posted By: Barry Finn
09-Jan-07 - 09:21 PM
Thread Name: BS: Anyone here own or drive a hybrid car?
Subject: RE: BS: Anyone here own or drive a hybrid car?
We just bought a new 2007 Prius last month & are tickled to death with it. With my wife's new job doubling the milage (120 miles p/day) it's costing us half of when she traveled half as much & that was with the Matrix we traded in. It's a bit roomier than the Matrix but the cargo space isn't as high. Were getting 45-50 mpg on the highway, don't know about the city though. It is very quite.
I was looking for something a little larger but there's not much in the way of choices. I already posted in another thread my thoughts on what the government thinks about reducing the use of fossil fuels. It's an insult to the American consumer what the Auto Industry offers the public but I don't expect much from these cozy bedfellows.