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Posted By: Arne
10-Jan-07 - 07:08 PM
Thread Name: BS: Anyone here own or drive a hybrid car?
Subject: RE: BS: Anyone here own or drive a hybrid car?

By coincidence, and article in today's issue of my local newsrag touted a "new study" that it claimed "refuted the prior study" that indicated that hybrids were not significantly cheaper to drive than conventional vehicles.

The EPA will issue new stats (based on more realistic testing scenarios) that will knock down hybrid mileage proportinately more. In part, this is due to the prior regime of driving the hybrids like they are supposed to be driven (no jack-rabbit starts, anticipating and slowing down, etc., that allow the hybrid to save and use the kinetic energy).

But I try to drive the RX400h like it is supposed to be driven, and I get pretty close to the (old) published figures. My partner says I'm pissing off the other folks on the road, but what's their hurry?

Getting 27 MPG out of a SUV (that has 4WD for snow to boot) is OK by me.... It's not the 30 MPG I got from the '85 MR2, but it burns less oil, and carries a bit more.