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Posted By: TRUBRIT
10-Jan-07 - 10:53 PM
Thread Name: BS: Anyone here own or drive a hybrid car?
Subject: RE: BS: Anyone here own or drive a hybrid car?
My husband drives a 2005 Prius -- party line around here is that it takes away my guilt for driving a big gas guzzling Lexus but reading all these notes I am thinking that comment isn't very helpful!!!. One good thing about the Prius is that my teenage son, when he borrows it, gets a kick out of getting the highest possible mileage and actually called home once to proudly report he was averaging 50 mpg   (for non Prius drivers, it has all kinds of neat information screens that tell you all sorts of useful info about the car as you drive). Anyway, as my son's nickname is Leadfoot, that does not seem to me to be a bad thing!! It's a small car but fun and easy to drive.

TIP: when you borrow it to take out a real estate client, you come across much more professionally when you remember to push the button to start it rather than panicking because you think you have lost the key!!