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Posted By: Shaneo
12-Jan-07 - 10:17 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Going to California (Johnny McEvoy)
Subject: Lyr Add: GOING TO CALIFORNIA (Johnny McEvoy)
Here you go guest and Lorie b , no chords at present

He was never there when needed
and oh who much she pleaded
Saying darling wont you stay home just one time
He'd just smile and say I'm sorry
But there's no need to worry
Just gonna meet some army buddies
Drink some beer and fight the war.

In the kitchen making wishes
As she tidies up the dishes
On another lonely weekend
And the wine she drank alone
And the nights they hold no pity
In the cold of New York city
As she waits there in the darkness
To hear his key turn in the door

She said I'm going to California
To taste the sunshine and the wine
Sit beside the rolling ocean
And slowly pass the time
Reading books and old love stories
And forget about my worries
And maybe who knows maybe
We'll meet again sometime.

Then one night he came home sober
With a longing just to hold her
When he found the note she'd written
Waiting by the telephone
And she said ''I'll always love you
And never will forget you
Bit I just can't take this lonely feeling anymore''

Now the nights are cold and lonely
And he sits and watches TV
Drinking beer and chasing whiskey
Wondering where it all went wrong
And his eyes are tired and burning
From the dreams that kept returning
And all his yesterdays they wont leave him alone