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Posted By: Don Firth
13-Jan-07 - 03:06 PM
Thread Name: BS: Anyone here own or drive a hybrid car?
Subject: RE: BS: Anyone here own or drive a hybrid car?
Anybody see NOW with David Brancaccio last night (or is that much too "liberal?")? Brancaccio interviewed Willie Nelson, who is heavily into promoting bio-diesel fuel.

Here's more.

Now I'm quite sure that someone is going to present all sorts of statistics showing how this has an even worse environmental impact than drilling for oil. But—the main sources of bio-diesel are substances that are usually just disposed of, which, in itself, is a problem.

Have you ever counted the cost, both environmental and directly financial, of drilling for oil? Remembering, of course, that even after the geologist's evaluation, one usually comes up with about twenty dry holes before actually finding a producing well—and that isn't always a gusher.

And what are we going to use when the oil runs out? Which is predicted to be in about forty years. [We don't like to face that melancholy fact, do we?]

On the program, Willie Nelson mentioned something about having a bumper-sticker that said, "Bio-Diesel. No War Necessary."

Don Firth