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Posted By: Billy the Bus
12-Mar-00 - 02:47 AM
Thread Name: BS: What is folk music?
Subject: RE: BS: What is folk music?


Don't think I'll read the 91 posts in older threads on the perennial question "What is Folk?". Maybe in there, I guess I could find the only definition that appealed when we had such serious discussion 40 years back.

I'm trying to recall the original author, Seeger? Leadbelly, Lomax, Lloyd? - can't remember - first I heard it was with an American accent...

The definition?

"I guess it's all folk - ain't heard no horse sing yet!"

Let's just put it down to the original "Folk Poet"..;)


Mind you, as I sit listening to M┬Ádcat Radio from a couple of weeks back XXIV, maybe I'm old fashioned - in a fairly remote part of the world, I can dial up a wireless programme from a while back - I guess computers can sing now - maybe horses now sing too...;^)

Whoops - now I'm hearing a complaint from a caller to MCR "That ain't Folk"...;^)

Love what I just heard from the caller

"If you write your programme just on what pleases me, you'll only have one listener" - Hmm... that sums it up for me.

"Folk is what appeals to me, from my own definition of Folk".

Cheers - Sam