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Posted By: Barry Finn
16-Jan-07 - 01:04 AM
Thread Name: Geordie Hannah? & sister Sarah Ann O'Nie
Subject: RE: Geordie Hannah? & sister Sarah Ann O'Nie
Hi sorefingers
Is there a link for this TG 4 webcast? I don't know what TG 4 is & I'm not to sure about webcast either but I am sure this was as good a place as any to post that info.
I know of Geordie Hanna & his sister Sarah Anne O'Neill only from a tape that I had from back in the late 70's & have since missed, they were something to listen to, as were all the others. I still have the accompying book "Traditional Songs & Singers" put out by Comhaltas in 1977. Geordie was featured doing 2 songs & Sarah doing one in the book & on the companion tape. They were in fine company of number of other singers, including some of Ireland's finest (IMHO); Tom 'O Coisdealbha (Tom Phaidin Tom), Paddy Tunney, Elizabeth Cronin. Micheal 'O Suilleabhain, Sarah & Rita Keane, Siney Crotty, Michael Flanagan, Paddy Berry & a few others.
I sure wish that I could find that tape each voice on it was worth the whole collection.