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Posted By: Azizi
16-Jan-07 - 08:48 AM
Thread Name: Mudcat FAQ - Newcomer's Guide
Subject: RE: Mudcat FAQ - Newcomer's Guide
Joe, I have several questions to ask about posting lyrics to songs.

1. If the purpose of the post is to explore the meaning of the lyrics, or to explore the meanings of a particular line of a lyric-for instance "people keep comin but the train done gone-in the RE: Religious Train & Chariot Songs thread-
a} is it appropriate to post the lyrics of that song even if it is already posted in another thread?

b}And if so, since the purpose of the post is not to add lyrics, but to share theories about the meaning of those lyrics, should that specific post have the title "Lyr Add: [name of song]?

2.If the purpose is to compare and contrast versions of songs-
a} is it appropriate to post the lyrics to more than one version in the same song in the same post?

b} If so, should the Lyr: Add: title be used? Should there be a new title? {such as "Lyr: Compare: titles"}

3.{similar to #3}, if the purpose is to list or compare songs from different genres that may have the same or similar floating verses or lines, or which appear to share some other element{s}

a} is it appropriate to start a new thread on that subject?

b} is it appropriate to post all of the lyrics or portions of the lyrics to those songs even if those lyrics are are already posted in another Mudcat thread, or should there just be a hyperlink to the thread which contains those already posted lyrics, followed by new commentary?