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Posted By: Suffet
16-Jan-07 - 09:00 PM
Thread Name: Where does Steve Suffet come from
Subject: RE: Where does Steve Suffet come from

Here's an alternate version.

I was born and raised in East Virginia early on a frosty monrning. My Daddy was a miner, and I'm a miner's son. My Mama would rock me in the cradle, but I left home when I was just nine days old. That's when I picked up a shovel and I walked to the mine. The captain said, "I got me a steam drill 'round," so I told my captain, "Your men a-gonna leave you" and I said farewell to Nova Scotia, you sea bound coast. Then I traveled all over this country, a-digging, prospecting for gold. I found rocks and gravel make a mighty fine road, so with a ten dollar horse and a twenty dollar saddle they sent me to New Bedford, that famous whaling port. But I caught me the end of a long freight train and fanned my tail to the Oregon line. I was walking down the track with tears in my eyes, trying to read a letter from my home, when along comes the sheriff from Cornersville saying, "Pay me my money down. Pay me or go to jail. Pay me my money down." Well, I ran so fast the hounds couldn't catch me, down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico. So if you ever see me coming back, I'll extend to you my paw, but it's gonna be through a telescope from the great Atlantic Ocean to the wide Pacific shore.

--- Steve