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Posted By: Jeremiah McCaw
20-Jan-07 - 04:02 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Sixteen Tons - parodies
Subject: RE: SIXTEEN TONS - Any parodies?
Got my own parody:

Jeremiah McCaw (1995)
(to the tune of "16 Tons", with heartfelt apologies to Merle Travis)

The computer revolution has happened to us
So get with technology or get on the bus
Fire up that modem, get yourself on-line
In cyberspace you're gonna do some time

You load sixteen meg, and what do you get?
A locked-up computer that cannot be reset
Saint Peter, don't you page me, 'cause I can't post
My CPU's given up the ghost

The Commodore Pet was the first to arrive
Then Timex-Sinclair, Osborne and TI,
Atari, Amiga and Macintosh then
Came the corporate giant they call I.B.M

Two-eighty-six, Three-eighty-six, Four-eighty-six, five
Oops! Pentium, I mean. This computerese jive
Is making me crazy; I cannot relate
Or afford a program that will help me translate

Ms-Dos, Windows Ninety-Five
Software expenses are keeping alive
The wealthiest man that "Fortune" rates
That damn computer geek called Bill Gates

Now I'm fed up to here with all this technical stuff
I've had it! It's over! Enough is enough!
I'm letting that silicon turn into dust
'Cause I just bought a brand-new abacus!

alt chorus begins:
You load sixteen meg, and what have you got?
A locked-up computer who's processor is shot