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Posted By: M. Ted (inactive)
13-Mar-00 - 12:43 PM
Thread Name: Fingers, Hitting Frets, & Not Looking
Subject: RE: Fingers, Hitting Frets, & Not Looking
Actually, I think that you will turn out to be a pretty good banjo player, because you are taking a very hard look at the process by which you are leaning--

Your question is so penetrating that even the master, Rick Fielding can't really address it(I have to put that detestible *BG* here so everyone knows I am making a joke and not really flaming Rick---Life is so complicated some times!!!!)

It isn't true that there are no rules--there is a precise way that we each acquire information, interpret it, re-organize it, teach it to ourselves, and then integrate it with the other things that we know so that we can recall it and use it when we need to--

The thing is that the process is different in different people, and each person has to learn how it works for them--A small aside, here, people who have trauma to their Central Nervous System experience changes the the way the process works, and have to learn what those changes are and how to adjust to them--

Anyway, what probably happens for you is that when you look at your fingers, your mind begins to analyze what your fingers are are doing and because you can't analyze what you are doing as fast as you can do it, you lose your concentration, and start to make mistakes--Or something like that--

Playing music is really just a matter of organizing and co-ordinating, and the better you understand how your own internal system for processing information works, the better you will be at organizing stuff so that you can use it--

Of course, a good teacher knows how you process information, even when you don't, and breaks things down for you in a way that you can use them--