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Posted By: Bernard
21-Jan-07 - 07:55 AM
Thread Name: Omnidirection microphone for session
Subject: RE: Omnidirection microphone for session
Just what I would have said, Tom (See you at the Open Door Extravaganza on March 25th)! The Tandy one was actually a Crown PZM manufactured to a price exclusively for Tandy. If anyone wants it, I have a drawing for balancing and phantom...

PZM is Crown's trademark, BTW. The correct generic name for such a microphone is 'boundary layer', often nicknamed 'plate mic'.

Miking from above is good for some instruments (fiddles and wind), but not as good for others (reeds and fretted instruments). However, this can work to your advantage!

The hands-free phone 'focussing on the loudest sounds' isn't a feature of the microphone, it's because of a device called a 'compressor'. The device (in simple terms!) merely drops the overall volume when it 'hears' a loud sound to even things out - essential for a hands-free phone, etc. Okay, it's also there to eliminate feedback (before someone shouts at me!).

As Ray said, 'dynamic balancing' is the essence of a live recording. A well-rehearsed band would normally be properly balanced, but you don't have that luxury in a session - particularly with the 'prima donna' types who want to drown everyone else out... miaoww!