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Posted By: M. Ted (inactive)
13-Mar-00 - 03:46 PM
Thread Name: Fingers, Hitting Frets, & Not Looking
Subject: RE: Fingers, Hitting Frets, & Not Looking
I think that I might have had that same student--he used to sit in his BMW in front of my house and talk on his car phone for about half of his lesson time, come upstairs, explain that he hadn't practiced, but, since I was a professional, I should be able to work around that-- Then he would talk about how great his business was doing, and about all the truly gifted people that he had working for him--

He used to pay me a month ahead for lessons, and usually came late and had to leave early--unusual, since most of my students would come for forty five minute lessons and stay thru dinner and most of the evening--(f I could never figure out how anyone ever made any money giving music lessons)--

He was an exhibit building contractor, and as his business turned from good to bad, he lost his home and ended up living in the warehouse--he slept next to his car so that the repo men couldn't get at it--