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Posted By: Bernard
22-Jan-07 - 02:23 PM
Thread Name: Omnidirection microphone for session
Subject: RE: Omnidirection microphone for session
I think the problem is possibly ambient noise. Whilst I agree with you, Mo, there is also the inverse situation - people talk louder because they cannot hear!!

It is possible that those who want to hear cannot silence those who do not... a situation I sometimes find myself in.

I'm a solo performer who preferes to work without a sound system. I work with sound systems all day, y'see...

There is a masonic hall I frequently play gigs in. Sometimes the people all want to listen, and I don't have a problem. Occasionally there are people who are simply there for a night out, and really would prefer I didn't interrupt their conversations! Whilst a full PA system would drown them out, I'm more inclined to raise the level a little to keep everyone happy.

It's a compromise.