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Posted By: Barry Finn
22-Jan-07 - 02:38 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Matt Hyland
Subject: RE: Origins: Matt Hyland origins??
It's been so long since I fist learnt this that I can't remember where I got it from (I haven't song it in years) thanks for bringing it up I'll have to renew myself with it. I've always loved the song except for the verse where he (I do agree) "whines" about his money. Not a very romantic act & I've often wondered if it wasn't a poor add-on. If it were left up to 'the folk' I think that verse would've disapeared with just a little more time. I think Jean Redpath did this (recorded) in the late 70's early 80's, I never liked her rendition of it though, it soundede like a parlour song when she did it.