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Posted By: GUEST,Dickey
23-Jan-07 - 12:56 AM
Thread Name: BS: Maliki doesn't want more U.S. troops
Subject: RE: BS: Maliki doesn't want more U.S. troops
Show me the SPECIFIC question about the SPECIFIC language of the SOU that I did not answer. The problem is that If I don't give the answer you want, you claim I did not answer.

Show me where you have answered any but one of my questions. Are you above answering questions?

You insist that I do things that you won't do. A very dignified and honorable approach.

And I don't imagine things. You imagine things were said that were not said. You were not convinced but you claim others were convinced and you won't even state whether you believe your own claim or not. You just keep trying get me to make the same false claim and talk down to me if I won't. If I point out your avoidance of the questions and you tactics devious tactics you falsely accuse me of whining.

Certainly more than ten people have been reading this thread. according to you 7 of them were convinced by Bush's SOU that Saddam and 9/11 were connected. Where are they at?