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Posted By: Crowhugger
14-Mar-00 - 09:37 AM
Thread Name: Fingers, Hitting Frets, & Not Looking
Subject: RE: Fingers, Hitting Frets, & Not Looking
Lil Neo, Thank you SO MUCH for starting up this great thread.

Speaking from experience, avoiding a fixed gaze on your left hand is the best thing you can do for your posture. I went a long way towards improving a sore back by practising left hand "Braille." It seemed to change the learning curve a bit but without making it steeper or longer.

I agree with Michael who mentioned muscle memory. When it comes down to it, if you take away the listening, playing an instrument is highly athletic. It's about training muscles to do the near-impossible without being directly told to.

M.Ted is right too: don't dis yo' brain!

You've got a knack IMHO, just love it and use it. So Rick teaches frailing, eh?......hmmmm.