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Posted By: Rapparee
25-Jan-07 - 03:59 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
I would not want to insult anyone's intelligence by translating into English that which I presume is already known. How would you feel if I thought it needful to translate something as simple as

Quot viae quae homo peragranda,
Donec grandem anima fit.
Sic, et quot maria columba velanda
Donec quiescit acta,
Sic et quot sagitt'ab arcibus volanda,
Ante pac'aeternam fore?


Upon the vices to procede
After the cause of mannes dede,
The ferste point of Slowthe I calle
Lachesce, and is the chief of alle,
And hath this propreliche of kinde,
To leven alle thing behinde.
Of that he mihte do now hier
He tarieth al the longe yer,
And everemore he seith, "Tomorwe";
And so he wol his time borwe,
And wissheth after "God me sende,"
That whan he weneth have an ende,
Thanne is he ferthest to beginne.

(Which, being in English, is impossible to translate INTO English.)


Us is riht micel         ðæt we rodera weard,
    wereda wuldorcining,         wordum herigen,
    modum lufien!         He is mægna sped,
    heafod ealra         heahgesceafta,

    frea ælmihtig.         Næs him fruma æfre,
    or geworden,         ne nu ende cymþ
    ecean drihtnes,         ac he bið a rice
    ofer heofenstolas.         Heagum þrymmum
    soðfæst and swiðfeorm         sweglbosmas heold,

    þa wæron gesette         wide and side
    þurh geweald godes         wuldres bearnum,
    gasta weardum.         Hæfdon gleam and dream,
    and heora ordfruman,         engla þreatas,
    beorhte blisse.         Wæs heora blæd micel!

No, Amos. I could never insult you or any MOABite in such a manner!