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Posted By: GUEST,282RA
27-Jan-07 - 11:59 PM
Thread Name: BS: Washington Anti-War Protest
Subject: RE: BS: Washington Anti-War Protest
It's the people who can remember Vietnam that are protesting simply because they can remember Vietnam. Kids today obviously can't remember it so they don't see the huge blundering mistakes that are being made and which are going to have quite a negative impact in the future.

But it only shows how unpopular this war has become when 50+ year-olds are protesting it when we remember that 55 and up voted virtually unanimously for Bush in '04. A lot of the protesters are vets also. That's pretty shocking to see such a demographic in a massive antiwar turnout in DC. That's Bush's former constituency right there and they're getting really mad that he's not listening to them (even though he never promised to pull out troops but vowed to keep them there for as long as it took and these people knew that very well going in to the '04 election).

Maybe this boomer generation will finally teach something of value to kids instead of endless consumerism.

Well, the American people get the president they deserve. Unfortunately, poor Iraq didn't deserve him. Bad enough Saddam.

I'm glad to see the protest but WHAT IN THE HELL TOOK SO LONG????