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Posted By: GUEST,Frank Hamilton
28-Jan-07 - 02:52 PM
Thread Name: BS: Washington Anti-War Protest
Subject: RE: BS: Washington Anti-War Protest
At last, the American people are beginning to wake up. They finally see that Bush has betrayed them (not that he was really elected in the first place). Cindy Sheehan is calling for an important part of views of the Democratic base. Her voice is growing stronger as Bush recedes into weakness. It's no mystery that the media has been co-opted by the Corporate ownership and can no longer be relied upon to offer credible news. The best you can do nowadays is to pick and choose your info on the Net.

The "Swift-boaters" will be spreading their Repuglican lies again in the next election and labeling those who oppose the Iraq Occupation as traitors and cowards. But most of them have not served in any war and hypocritically condemn those with conscience.

In the meantime, the voices of sanity are being heard as was demonstrated by the last largest contingent of what I would call true American patriots at the UFPJ rally in Washington, DC.

Darth Cheney and his mumblings will be relegated to the trash can.

Frank Hamilton