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Posted By: Scrump
29-Jan-07 - 06:46 AM
Thread Name: Origins: Pick a Bale of Cotton
Subject: RE: Origins: Pick a Bale of Cotton
Yes, interesting point Black Hawk. There are some songs that I wouldn't sing in certain circumstances: for example, if there had recently been a major train crash in the news, I wouldn't want to sing "Wreck of the Old 97", as it might be considered to be in poor taste by some.

I remember once seeing a guy more or less do just that, i.e. sing a song about a train crash, when unknown to him, there had been one earlier in the day and he hadn't heard the news. The audience were a little uneasy, and he probably sensed something was wrong, until someone piped up and told him. He was embarrassed and apologised, but it wasn't really his fault. It could happen to anyone. Moral: always watch the news before a gig :-)