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Posted By: GUEST,skivee
29-Jan-07 - 11:12 PM
Thread Name: Soldier Bible Card Deck Song
Subject: BS: Soldier Bible Card Deck Song
My band played a great job in Orlando last Friday.
It was a convention of Harley-Davidson dealers from all around the world. There was a great sound system set up for us. We were the kick off band as the dealers came into the hall. Before they arrived there was music being piped into the system. I became aware of this song wafting slowly (about40 bpm) past us.
A soldier is getting dressed down by some superior for having a deck of playing cards in his uniform pocket. The soldier defends himself by saying that he keeps the cards to remind him of events and people in the bible...The Ace represents God, the deuce is 2 of something or other, the 3 is the holy trinity, and on and on. They go through all 13 cards of a suit, at 40 plodding bpm.
By the end of the song, my gums, eyes, and brain were bleeding. I wanted to kill the composer, the band, the record distributors.
Am I just being a snot, or is this song about the worst piece of maukish crap ever recorded.
Oh, and by the way...if our young soldier wants to be reminded of the bible, why doesn't he just carry a pocket bible with him?????