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Posted By: M. Ted (inactive)
15-Mar-00 - 02:29 AM
Thread Name: Pop Goes the Weasel - Meaning?
Subject: RE: Help: Pop Goes the Weasel - Meaning?

I rememeber an Anthony Newley recording where he explained that it was about the old time cobblers habit of pawning their accessories to buy liquor--if I remember the "weasel" was the accessories, the "easel" was the tavern, and "Pop, goes the weasel" meant that he had blown all the money--The "Half a pound of tupenny rice, half a pound of treacle" was sort of a grocery list--

I, of course, cxan not vouch for the truth of this, and it has been years since I heard it--but forgive me for giving in to the urge to post what I know, even when it isn't much--