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Posted By: Scoville
30-Jan-07 - 11:49 AM
Thread Name: BS: Washington Anti-War Protest
Subject: RE: BS: Washington Anti-War Protest
My brother is 27. A 30-ish friend of mine who lives near D.C. was also there with her husband. So that's three young'uns.

I think it's different for both the young and Viet Nam-era generations. We younger ones don't have the same experience as my parents, and my parents' Viet Nam-age friends and relatives still seem to show a considerable amount of polarization. Some of them are solidly anti-war and some, like my uncles, would go right back into it if the army would take overweight 65-year-olds. My impression is that the generation before that, WWII, was less divided, but I don't know that for sure. Teenagers younger than myself don't even remember the Gulf War (which my parents and I also protested).