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Posted By: Geordie-Peorgie
30-Jan-07 - 12:43 PM
Thread Name: Ron Trueman Border
Subject: RE: Ron Trueman Border
If ye knew the man ye'd knaah that he dizzent gan in for this sort of self promotion.

Aah dee but trust me Ron's far too shy to push himself this way. He has The Lovely Suzi te dee that forrim and that leaves him te gerron and write the songs.

From a performer's point of view his songs are gold-dust - Aall reet his delivery on CD might not get the feeling across, but see the lad LIVE! and ye cannot but be impressed by the passion. The songs stand up for themselves but, like Dylan & Cohen, ye hev te listen to the person who felt the emotion that caused the song deliver it with THAT emotion.

Aah hate te draw comparisons but there's been many singer/songwriters who have depended on others te carry their songs but still had a career as a genius. Ron doesn't hev te hev other people te sing his songs - But there's loads of us who can't get enough of his songs te sing. There's a concert of Ron's in Kent, in March. There's rock bands, Folk bands, and aall sorts of singers etc coming from aall ower the country to tek part and dee his songs. Ye cannit pigeonhole him and ye certainly cannot dismiss him coz sometimes he sings with a yank accent (God help us if Shakespeare's plays had aall been performed in his aahn Midlands accent - "Boot soft! Whart loight frum yoder weendaow brikes"

Aah'll admit it! Aah'm a mate of his as well as a fan but the 'fanship' came before the friendship - Draw what conclusions ye like from the recorded works but divvent mek your choice till ye've seen him on stage - It's worth the door fee! Aah promise!!