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Posted By: Willie-O
01-Feb-07 - 10:29 AM
Thread Name: Review: Worst Song by a professional musician
Subject: RE: Review: Worst Song by a proffessional musician
This thread exemplifies why I don't spend much time around here anymore. Again and again and again someone thinks they're clever by starting a thread to put down "Having My Baby"--which like most of Mr Anka's material is just as awful as everyone says it is. Pointing that out doesn't make for insightful reading.

If you were half as clever as you thought you were, you would start by learning to spell "professional".

Anyone who thinks "Cold Missouri Waters" isn't one of the greatest contemporary ballads, let alone that it's the worst anything: I challenge you to do better with the story. Wait, what's that I hear? Silence? Huh, what a surprise.

Gosh, I'm surprised none of you critical geniuses has gotten to "McArthur Park" yet, at least this time around.

Finally, if you must recycle this thread concept, realize that terrible songs are still being written and broadcast as we speak--by "proffesionals" like Gordie Sampson. "Jesus Take The Wheel" totally cracks me up every time I hear it (too often, even though I avoid those "No Country" stations like black ice or the Bates Motel.) Not only one of the worst songs, but definitely the worst winter driving advice ever!

Pray continue, without me.