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Posted By: GUEST,Coreyinprogress
01-Feb-07 - 01:43 PM
Thread Name: BS: Washington Anti-War Protest
Subject: RE: BS: Washington Anti-War Protest
I don't really know how I stumbled on this forum, but i believe that your discussion has unfortunalty been based on an incorrect premise. I marched in the protest Saturday, and the statement that there were not many students or people under the age of 50 is just inncorrect from what I saw. Some US news sources went so far as to call it a "student protest". I go to a state university in New York, and we sent more than two full busses down to D.C. just from our campus alone, and I have heard similar reports from other campuses.

However, I don't doubt that media coverage would make it seem like students weren't speaking out against the war. The media directlly after the protest said that numbers hovered around 100,000. The estimate afterwards were more like 400,000+.

I remember being very impressed how many "non-students" were at the rally. I'm also personally sick of my generation being characterized as apathetic. Remember the politics that we grew up under - Bush Senior, Reagan, Clinton, Bush Junior - none of which particularly motivating figures. We also witnessed an election in which a candidate won the popular vote and lost the electoral college. However, despite this fact, there are still some of us who are willing to drive through the entire night to stand in solidarity with our fellow citizens for peace.

Don't give up on our generation yet, its a different world that we're living in, and we're trying out best!