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Posted By: reggie miles
01-Feb-07 - 11:47 PM
Thread Name: YouTube Folkmusic Video PermaThread
Subject: RE: YouTube Folkmusic Video PermaThread
I'm confused, wasn't there another thread just like this earlier? Only, it wasn't so color coordinated.

I recall posting a YouTube link to my very own folk/blues video of me playing the 51 Highway Blues in that earlier thread and now I can't seem to find the thread or the link. Is simple deletion how recommendations that are not acceptable will be delt with in this thread?

I also asked whether our own videos were being sought for this purpose or if this collection was focused on gathering videos of those who might have achieved some greater level of the illusive fame factor. I don't recall receiving an answer to my question in that other thread. Would someone here care to field this?

Jest wonderin'