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Posted By: Amos
15-Mar-00 - 03:21 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss
This might well do in the DT. There have been several threads on it over the years. I have added a verse related to "Be Sixteen on Sunday" which was in the version I first heard.


CHORUS: Fly around, my pretty little miss.
Fly around, my daisy.
Fly around, my pretty little miss.
You almost drive me crazy.

How old are you, my pretty little miss?
How old are you, my honey?
She answered me with a pretty little smile,
"I'll be sixteen next Sunday." CHORUS

The higher up the cherry tree,
The riper grows the cherries.
The more you hug and kiss the girls,
The sooner they will marry. CHORUS

Coffee grows on white oak trees.
The river flows with brandy.
If I had my pretty little miss,
I'd feed her sugar candy. CHORUS

Going to get some weevily wheat.
I'm going to get some barley.
Going to get some weevily wheat,
And bake a cake for Charlie. CHORUS

Historical note from Music from the Lost Provinces (

In 1927 the trio auditioned for a talent scout from the Columbia Phonograph Company and in November of that year traveled to Atlanta to make records under the supervision of Frank B Walker. A name was created on the spot for the band: Frank Blevins and His Tar Heel Rattlers. Only 16 years old at the time, Frank led the band with spirited fiddling and singing that belied his age. Inspired by a few shots of Georgia corn liquor, they first recorded the traditional mountain dance tune Sally Ann, a rendition with such verve and passion that it rivals any other. Next they performed I've Got No Honey Babe Now, a song that shares some lyrics with the old banjo piece Honey Babe, but with a different melody. Old Aunt Betsy was a Frank Blevins original, combining a simple theme with exuberant delivery. The session ended with a second traditional dance tune, Fly Around my Pretty Little Miss.

Cf: "Weevily Wheat" in the DT database.