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Posted By: Biskit
15-Mar-00 - 05:04 PM
Thread Name: I really miss ya
Subject: RE: I really miss ya
Well. I finally made it to the thriving metropolis of Osceola,Ia., about 50 miles from where I load tomorrow and figuered I'd check to see if this thing worked out here among the hog farms,...I am impressed!!!To Kendall; I think I might know that gal, I loved your lyrics,we'll have to get together and you can show me how it goes.To Molly Malone;Naw not Phoenix,..Tucson, but I used to live near Phoenix when I was a kid, used to be a little town called Chandler, wasn't anything but a few old Indian houses and cotton patches,Now it's a suburb of Phoenix with nothing but condos and monster malls,...I wonder where they grow the cotton at now?To Kathy Westra; The group organizing thr convy is Owner Operator Independant Driver Association, I've been a member for about four years now and it's a great orginization I tried to find a load going that way, but it just didn't happen,I would have loved to have been there though.To Roger the skiffler;yeah I know,But I was reading a while back that your drivers staged a demonstration and the last I had heard, your druey deary dra....well whatever you call your truck drivers over there were getting a break. All I know for sure is something has to give and soon, I was raised around trucks and have been driving professionally for almost twenty five years and I've never seen it so bad.Last year I was paying an average of $1.05,and averaging,$1.35 per mile to the truck it costs.70 centsper mile to put a truck down the road( tires,taxes,maint.etc.) now I'm paying an average of $1.60 per gallon, and were lucky if we find anything over $1.00 per mile. Oh Gawd! I'm up on my soapbox again!! sorry about that. Anyway in the 70's we were getting $1.85 to 2.00 a mile and fuel was only .53 per gallon. Okay I'll stop it now!Geezus I hate when I get like that. X's & O's -Biskit-