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Posted By: Azizi
03-Feb-07 - 03:42 PM
Thread Name: YouTube Folkmusic Video PermaThread
Subject: RE: YouTube Folkmusic Video PermaThread
Murray MacLeod, I understand that the initiator of a Mudcat Permathread has the responsiblility of maintaining that Permathread and that "maintainence" includes determining which posts he or she will retain or delete.

I also understood and understand from your posts prior to Jan 26, 2007 that you had changed the statement that you had posted at one point that "All genuine recommendations will be cataloged."

In addition, I recognize from reading your post of 26 Jan 07 - 06:33 PM that all videos submitted to this Permathread are suggestions, and -perhaps apart from Kevin McGrath's section-you are the sole arbiter of the musical merit and/or historical value of that performance.

Murray, you wrote in your Jan 26, 2007 post that people should not be offended by the decisions you make as to which videos you include on this Permathread. I am not offended, and hope that other people are not and will not be offended by your decisions since the criteria you use is yours, and as is the case with any criteria, other people can agree or disagree with it.

Furthermore, prior to your Jan 26, 2007 post and ongoing I understand "there is absolutely nothing to stop [another person] from maintaining your very own Permathread".

Murray, while I understand that you have the right to decide to include or not include any personal video or any other video that anyone posts to this thread based on your judgement of that video,
I believe that it would have been clearer if you had revised-and would now revise-the criteria that is articulated in your first post.
That first post still leads people to believe that:

"For the purposes of this thread, "folk/blues" has to be classified into several different categories, (as outlined below) in order to facilitate searches for recommendations, and I am also going to operate a "editor's recommendation " system, whereby videos of outstanding musical worth and /or historical significance, will be awarded a "star award" ranging from three to five stars.

The criteria for these awards are unashamedly subjective, but the selections are always open to comment either on this thread or on the sister thread We Need a YouTube Permathread.

All genuine recommendations will be catalogued, but please remember that posts on this thread are always subject to editing or deletion."

Furthermore, Murray, I'm not sure what to make of the fact that there is only one video posted in the African section of your Permathread, particularly since you wrote 03 Feb 07 -02:12 PM that "So, as far as the the African, World, McGrath categories are concerned, I just stick the links in without any judgment, because I do not consider myself qualified to make any judgment in these categories."

That statement seems to imply that this been only one video submitted to the African section. Yet I know that at a given point in time-before I realized your criteria for submission had changed-I submitted numerous African and "world" videos. And other people may have also submitted African videos for your consideration. Given those submissions, I can only conclude that either you are indeed using your judgement to select videos for the African section-which is fine because this-after all-is your Permathread. Or perhaps I should conclude that-with the exception of the Nina Simone video that I submitted- all of the African videos that I and perhaps others submitted to this Permathread "have unfortunately been removed by YouTube due to "terms of use" violation. Some of these were excellent videos, and it is indeed a pity that some artistes are unable to see that exposure on YouTube can only be beneficial to their careers".

Again, I am not offended by what appears or does not appear on this Permathread and I sincerely hope that no one else is either.

I do regret that the video links that you did not and do not accept have not been and may not be archived or saved on another thread. But, again, this is your Permathread, and is therefore maintained as you have determined it should be.

Perhaps, someone or a number of people working together who have the time and skills and interest will team with you or on his,her, or their own will initiate a Permathread that will save those videos that you do not select. If so, it is my hope that that Permathread will have a broader criteria for the inclusion of submitted videos.

That said, I wish you well with this Permathread, and will continue to open it to see and hear the interesting examples that you post on it.