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Posted By: Geordie-Peorgie
03-Feb-07 - 06:04 PM
Thread Name: Ron Trueman Border
Subject: RE: Ron Trueman Border
Richard Thompson has aalwez performed 'other people's songs' and still does - Leonard Cohen & Dylan hev an' aall, but not often

Aah imagine Ron used te sing other people's songs but he's such a prolific writer that, aah suppose, he cannit fit them in noo.

Aah love the guy to bits but there are lots of his songs that divvent turn uz on. But there are mair that do!

Ye cannit please aall of the people aall of the time but give the lad a hearing! Remember Horses for courses!!

AND..... aah find mesel' daydreamin' on many occasions - Folk Clubs, Rock Concerts, when Mrs P is taalin' tiv uz - it's me age not because aah'm bored (apart from when Mrs P... well ye knaah) and aa'hve nivvor concentrated on a whole set by someone (Even Richard T) withoot 'wanderin' off'