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Posted By: GUEST,reggie miles
04-Feb-07 - 11:50 AM
Thread Name: YouTube Folkmusic Video PermaThread
Subject: RE: YouTube Folkmusic Video PermaThread

A wise man once told me, "Use what you got". Of course, there are certainly many circumstances in life where I would never dream of applying this guide as it can mean taking unnecessary risks. However, this philosophy has proven to be most beneficial to me and my musical pursuits on many levels. I even went so far as to include
the line in a song I wrote about my midlife Chrysler.

People say don't play your life away
Spinnin' your wheels in those same ol' grooves
I'm just usin' what I got cuz it's all I got to use
I've got the 65 Newport ragtop blues

This old ride of mine was funky to look with its caved in rear quarter panel and really ragged top but it served me well. Someday I hope to be able to resurrect it with a few new, or at least, better used tires, rebuild the motor, and give it a face lift with a new top, interior, paint etc but until that time... You see, not all of us have the good fortune to able to obtain the finer things in life, a new SUV or sports car, a home that is considered a showplace, the perfect guitar, the best recording gear, or in this case a video of outstanding musical worth and/or historical significance. Some of us have to make due with much less. This fact has been the source of many a blues song and will no doubt be the source of many more.

There are two choices one can make in any adverse situation. One can be daunted by the difficulty of a particular circumstance or use the resources that you have at your disposal.

As Azizi has pointed out this is your thread. You are in control of its content. The best of luck to you on weeding out what you consider the best and the brightest.