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Posted By: Jeri
05-Feb-07 - 03:52 PM
Thread Name: Rick Fielding and his music remembered
Subject: RE: Rick Fielding and his music remembered
Whoopee - found my notebook.

Rick's version - at least one of 'em:

When We Gather Once More   by Rick Fielding

Intro: Dm - G7 - C - G7 - C - G7
Our (C)evening here has(F) reached the(C) end
The (Am)time to (D7)part is (G)near
I'm (F)glad our(C) roads, they (G)all did(Am) cross
And (Dm)come to(Am)gether (G)here
Your(C) welcome it has(F) been so (C)warm,
So be(Am)fore you (D7)travel (G)on
Please(F) raise your (C)voices (G)all as (Am)one
And (Dm)join me (G)in this (C)song

Be(C) well, be safe, be (F)kind, be (C)strong
For the (Am)times will (D7)test us (G)sore
And to(F) gladden our(C) hearts
Our (G)bodies, our (Am)souls
Oh be(F) here when we (G)gather once(Am) more,
Oh be(F) here when we(G7) gather once(C) more
    G7 - C - G7